Embarking on a journey into cannabis cultivation requires more than just planting seeds; it demands a keen understanding of how to preserve and store them. Whether you’re preparing for germination, have a surplus of seeds on hand, or preserving your favorite genetics for future use, our guide will walk you through the nuances of how to preserve cannabis seeds, ensuring their potency and viability for future growth.

Ideal conditions for storing cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds face three formidable adversaries: humidity, temperature, and light. Optimal storage conditions involve keeping seeds in a cool, dark, and dry place between the temperature of 41-46°F. Whenever possible, retain the seeds in their original packaging, especially if they are from Happy Valley Genetics, as these are designed to protect them until they’re needed for germination.

It is important to understand that exposure to light or abrupt temperature changes triggers seeds to use up their nutrient stores prematurely, leaving them nutrient-deprived when they reach the soil. High humidity, on the other hand, creates a breeding ground for fungi on the seeds and can also soften its shell, which can impact its ability to germinate successfully or kickstart premature growth. Highlighting the importance of prioritizing proper methods for storing cannabis seeds

Effects of humidity on cannabis seeds

It may be easier to determine the best place to store cannabis seeds in terms of lighting and temperature, but what about humidity? Humidity has always been known as a significant threat to seed longevity. Different humidity levels (% relative humidity) impact cannabis seeds in various ways, making it one of the most important factors to consider. For example:

  • 31 – 100%: Seeds may begin to germinate and will not survive in storage.
  • 21 – 30%: Ideal range for ambient cannabis seed storage. 
  • 19 – 20%: Ideal for medium-term cannabis seed storage.
  • 11 – 18%: Recommended for long-term cannabis seed storage.
  • 0 – 10%: Seeds are at a higher risk of drying out excessively or infestations.

How to properly store cannabis seeds short-term

Simplicity is often key in terms of cannabis seed storage containers and methods ideal for shorter periods of time. Placing seeds in their original packaging inside a baggie at room temperature is a straightforward and effective method. Opting for a dark cupboard or drawer with stable temperatures is also sufficient for short-term storage. However, environmental factors must be considered. Avoid placing seeds in areas susceptible to natural temperature changes in your local environment.

For example, this method would not work if kept in a garage or place within your home where temperatures are known to drastically fluctuate daily. Further, in more humid conditions, opting for a sealed container becomes imperative to prevent unintended germination triggered by moisture. Noting that whenever seeds packs are opened, be sure to transfer the extras directly into a sealed airtight container. Ziploc bags, particularly when vacuum-sealed, provide an almost perfect storage container. 

How to store cannabis seeds long-term

First off: How long can cannabis seeds be stored, really? The truth is, they can remain viable with the proper storage method for decades to come. For those with a long-term vision for preserving their cannabis seeds, safeguarding them for extended periods of 5+ years or beyond demands a more meticulous approach, such as the following: 


Vacuum-sealing cannabis seeds and storing them in a cool, dry area, shielded from direct light exposure, is a proven method for preserving their genetic integrity. For indefinite storage, nitrogen sealing provides an optimal environment, ensuring seeds remain dormant until they are needed for cultivation.

Conventional refrigerators 

For extended preservation, you can store seeds with a desiccant, such as silica gel or even dried rice, in a sealed container inside a fridge. Though it is important to remember that opening the fridge door can cause dramatic temperature shifts, making a low-humidity drawer ideal for this method to be successful. If possible, using a second fridge with less frequent usage can be helpful. Shield the bag in a dark, dry plastic bag or container to protect seeds from fridge light and condensation.

Commercial refrigerators 

While the conventional refrigerator is not always the go-to option due to humidity fluctuations, commercial refrigerators with humidity control can be exceptions to this rule. Dry fridges are optimal for seed storage. However, if humidity is present, as in many fridges, it is better to choose No Frost fridges, as humidity is the primary adversary for seeds, surpassing temperature and light.


Can you freeze cannabis seeds? Yes, freezing cannabis seeds is possible but should only be used for long-term storage ranging from 5+ years to decades. The lower the temperature, the slower the decline of cellular biochemistry, but this can make the frozen tissue of the cannabis seed embryo susceptible to shattering if mishandled. However, freezing seeds is usually unnecessary if you are able to utilize one of the other methods. By following the recommended storage methods, you should be able to preserve your seeds for up to five years with a high germination rate without freezing.

How to choose which seeds to plant and which to store

When the time comes to germinate your seeds after storing them, a critical step involves inspecting them. Prioritize germinating cannabis seeds with cracks or imperfections in their outer shells, as these are designed to protect the delicate genetics inside. This is due to the fact that seeds with cracks in the outer shell are more vulnerable and should not continue to be stored over seeds with intact shells.

At Happy Valley Genetics, we take pride in our commitment to delivering the best genetics to every grower. Our rigorous inspection process ensures the quality of every seed before packaging. If you observe any damage to your Happy Valley Genetics seeds, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team to remedy it.

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