In recent years, Thailand has undergone significant changes in its approach to cannabis, both culturally and legally. Once known for its strict anti-drug policies, Thailand has now embraced the potential of cannabis, particularly in the context of medicinal and economic benefits. Among the various components of this evolving cannabis landscape is the Thai cannabis seed industry. 

Join us as we explore the history of cannabis in Thailand, what sets it apart from other regions, and how to easily find Thai-style cannabis seeds near you. 

A brief history of cannabis in Thailand

Cannabis has been utilized in Thailand for everything from recreational and medicinal to cultural and spiritual purposes by many indigenous communities for centuries. 

Cannabis landrace strains, or region-specific cannabis varieties, are believed to have originally been brought to Thailand from India’s Himalayan Foothills. This is primarily based on the plant having the name of “ganja” within both countries and the belief that it had migrated throughout the region by nomadic people.

Fast forward to the 1960s, when attitudes shifted dramatically with the onset of a westward migration of Thai flower. This came as a result of U.S. soldiers partaking in cannabis while in Thailand “on break” from the Vietnam War and sending it back home. This ultimately led to a wave of overcorrection in the form of conservative backlash from the United States and subsequent reform that limited access to Thai genetics for decades. 

Current landscape of cannabis in Thailand 

Thailand has maintained strict anti-drug laws due to previous reform, including those pertaining to cannabis growing and usage. However, recent years have seen a shift in attitudes and legislation. In 2018, Thailand became the first Southeast Asian country to legalize medical cannabis, marking a significant departure from its previous stance and a major milestone for the international cannabis community at large.  

After pushing through the legalization of medical cannabis, Thailand has continued to make strides in terms of cannabis reform. Amendments to the Narcotics Act in 2020 further supported the cultivation, production, and sale of cannabis for medical and research purposes. This marked the beginning of a new wave of interest in Thai genetics worldwide, though the future of recreational use still hangs in the balance based on recent Thai cannabis news

The rise of Thailand’s cannabis seed market 

From strict reform to a cannabis renaissance, it can be difficult to predict the future landscape of cannabis in Thailand, though it appears to be bright. 

Within the current market, the legalization of cannabis in Thailand has naturally paved the way for the emergence of a thriving, innovation-driven cannabis seed market. This has opened up opportunities for both local and international cannabis breeders, such as Happy Valley Genetics, to contribute to the expansion of this new market. 

However, it is important to note that there are several other factors that have contributed to the overall growth of the Thailand cannabis seed industry. These include not only the legislative changes, but also the increasing global demand for cannabis seeds and widespread acceptance of cannabis products worldwide.

Characteristics of Thai cannabis strains 

Thailand’s climate, which tends to lean warm and humid, lends itself well to the growth of a variety of crops including cannabis. This alternatively has influenced the unique characteristics and flavors found in Thai flower, which are renowned around the globe, especially within the cannabis genetics industry. 

Some of the most popular strains include Thai Stick, Chocolate Thai, and Wild Thailand, each known for their elevated effects, desirable flavor profiles, and distinctive aromas only usually found in Thai cannabis genetics.

Thai cannabis is also coveted by cultivators for its potential to produce quality cannabis plants that are historically high in THC content. This can create a powerful, potent experience that is both uplifting enough for daytime use, while also physically relaxing enough for nighttime use. These universally desirable characteristics create a strong foundation for the popularity of breeding Thai cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds with Thai genetics

For those interested in growing flower with similar characteristics as Thailand’s most popular strains, we suggest starting out with the following high-quality cannabis seeds from Happy Valley Genetics that have similar tasting notes and effects: 

Thai Stick

Thai Stick, or simply Thai, is the ultimate landrace strain known worldwide for its spicy, woody notes and sweet undertones as well as a strong, full body high. We recommend growing Oh My Thai for a similar experience, as its terpene profile is earthy and spicy with notes of candied fruit. Oh My Thai is a great option if you are seeking genetics in the style of Thai autoflower seeds

Chocolate Thai

The Chocolate Thai strain is a classic landrace strain that was made most popular in the 1960s. It is known for its ultra-unique coffee and chocolate tasting notes as well as a potent high. For a similar experience, we recommend growing Equilibrium due to its unique terpene profile with notes of oranges, grapes, sandalwood, spice, and an underlying flavor that is truly indescribable.

Wild Thailand

The Wild Thailand strain is one of the most popular landraces known for its robust citrus notes as well as unmatched physical and euphoric effects. For a similar experience, we recommend Overtime for its 360 citrus flavor reminiscent of orange peels and exotic fruits.

Thai Tanic

Thai Tanic is a hybrid that was created by combining Thai genetics with the Flying Dutchman strain. It is often described as earthy, chocolatey, and a bit citrusy with a warm, euphoric high. If you are a fan of this flavor profile, we recommend growing Pineapple Daddy based on its well-balanced combination of woodsy and fruity aromas.

Thai Lights

The Thai Lights strain is a blend between Thai genetics and the popular Northern Lights strain. It is slightly sour with notes of sage, skunk, and sweetness accompanied by an uplifting high. If this sounds like your ideal experience, we recommend growing Shortcut due to its earthy and spicy taste on the front end with notes of tropical pineapple in the finish.

Grow your own Thai-influenced cannabis

Growing cannabis in the style of Thailand’s most popular strains is easier than ever with Happy Valley Genetics. With genetics that parallel the characteristics of landrace strains to flavor profiles that pack an elevated punch, all it takes is the right gear, guidance, and gumption to harvest your own Thai-style flower with Happy Valley Genetics.



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